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Duro-last Authorized DealerDuro-Last® Roofing, Inc. is a national roofing manufacturer that produces a prefabricated, reinforced thermoplastic single-ply roofing system for commercial and industrial use on low-sloped or flat applications. Since its inception in 1978, Duro-Last has pioneered the manufacturing of prefabricated single-ply roofing systems. Because of this tremendous distinction, industrial leaders, corporations, and sources of specifications throughout the nation have recognized their technological contributions to the roofing industry. Over a billion square feet of Duro-Last membrane have been installed throughout North America.

What sets Duro-Last apart from other roofs is the precision prefabrication that goes into every roof. Measurements are carefully made of the entire project with special attention given to all roof penetrations, roof-top units, tanks, and necessary walkways. Special factory-made accessories insure the best, strongest, and most rugged roof around. Roofs tend to leak at the seams; Duro-Last roofs have up to 85% fewer seams than other types of roofs.  Duro-Last Roofing carries a complete and reliable warranty that is undisputably the best available in the industry, and requires no special maintenance. Why use old fashioned hot tar application when a Duro-Last roof can serve your needs so much more efficiently, plus carry with it the all important ENERGY-STAR rating?  A cooler roof is a cooler building, and a cooler building will cost you less to maintain and feel more comfortable for you and your employees.

Discover the difference a Duro-Last roof can make!


ShinglesThe most common roofing material used in North America today is the composition shingle. These shingles are made using a fiberglass core coated by weather resistant asphalt. The exterior of the shingle is embedded with crushed rock, and lends itself to a large variety of styles and colors. Far from being just a waterproof barrier, shingles can transform homes and buildings from simple structures to breathtaking architectural masterpieces.  Laguna Siding & Roofing  helps its customers to navigate the crowded field of materials available, assuring the buyer that not only are they creating the look they desire, but that they are installing the best possible roofing product that will serve them for many years.


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